New Hosting

Well the time has come, we have finally moved off our old box/vm setup to a full VM environment. Previously I had a physical box rented from a colo where I had a main physical box serving as the Database and DNS server with 2 VM’s hanging off doing email and web respectfully. But times have changed and I moved my domains from GoDaddy and Network Solutions to Google and as part of the service I got free gmail hosting for my domains. This freed me up from the constant never ending cycle of email maintenance and administration. In the end, I lost the spam war. Even with all kinds of white/black list services and constant rule tweaking the avalanche just proved too much. So the time had come to downsize as the websites just do not require a lot of power to manage, I still have around 20 various websites of which only 2-3 are active. This hobby turned profession turned hobby is still fun and I miss being in the game so to speak. And in some ways I’m still in the game, its name is Salesforce and Plex and Guitars and my Wife/Kids and my yard and my bike and friends/family.

As a side note, one of the main drivers for the move was to get PHP and MySQL up to current versions. In that process my previous WordPress theme from (don’t laugh) 2015 was never kept up to date and PHP 7+ broke it so hence the new look. At some point I’ll tweak it and make a banner graphic but for now this gets the site back up and rolling…

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