Mass Edit Button for Lightning Related List

Inline editing is super easy in Salesforce Lightning but not from a related list on a record page. So this is a quick and easy way to without a controller create a VF page that can be used as a button to update a field selected records in a related list. Just flip the object name and fields and you are off to the races. And this example is straight off of the Salesforce site examples but I removed the extension class so that a test class is not necessary.

Update Nov 2019 -Here are the steps:

  1. Create the VF page, make sure to go in and make it available for Lightning (Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app)
  2. Navigate to the related list object in setup
  3. Buttons, Links, and Actions –> New Button or Link
  4. Click ‘Display Type’ to ‘List Button’ and make sure to keep the ‘Display Checkboxes’ checked on/true
  5. Click the ‘Content Source’ to ‘Visualforce Page’ and then in Content select¬†the page you created. Add the Name and Label and Save
  6. Navigate to the parent Object whose page layout will show the child related list (the object that you just created the button on)
  7. Click Related Lists, click the wrench of the related list, like the ‘Buttons’ section to expand, and then click and add the new button you created
  8. Ok / Save / Done

Mass-Updating Records with a Custom List Controller

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