Wave Component in editor is un-selectable.

In Salesforce.com Wave Analytics in the new 2.0 Wave Designer, if you find that a component is un-selectable or after selecting your browser freezes here are two things to help resolve:

  • Check your XMD File
    • When doing custom formatting through the XMD, adding percents and dollars specifically, you do not need to add a label and in some cases this will actually confuse the system so remove it. You can access your XMD from dataset -> edit -> download and then looking at it in a JSON viewer.
  • Check your Widget title vs. measureField
    • I had an issue where I added a Number field and after adding had to go to the widget section and update the measureField. This was specifically a pigql measure that had multiple columns and somehow it had picked the wrong one.

Measure me if you have your editor freeze up, I might have some more tips but generally rechecking that all the components and any XMD modifications you have made fixed my issue.



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