Over the weekend I attempted to upgrade my Time Warner Cable (TWC) modem to something a little more fancy, it failed miserably. After talking with 2 levels of tech support and wasting an hour of my life that I’ll never get back on the phone we reverted back to the original modem and as a gift for trying something new I had to re-acknowledge the terms and conditions of the service due to switching modem hardware around. This gift also came with a cool new feature such that when I navigated to google.com it tried to append “AP_INDEX” at the end of the address which of course doesn’t exist. It would do this for any website but the one I tried was google.com so that was the one site that afterwards still thought I was brand new, even when I’m at work! If you accessed google.com from a cached address it would bring up the site pretty as you please, just not www.google.com. So what is the fix? Clearing your browser cache of course.

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  1. I have the identical god damm problem as you stated, and level 2 tech in Time Warner blames Internet Explorer, but the only thing changed is the god damm modem.

    FireFox, however, still work well, but not IE8

  2. Just fixed the same problem, it was just my browser’s cache. When your modem isn’t authorized TW looks to do a 301 to /ap_index for any request. The 301 (vs. 302) tells your browser to remember that, so the resolution is to clear your local cache.

    Looking at the network activity in Chrome’s Network tab, first I did a GET to http://www.google.com whose response was 200 OK (cached). Next was a GET to /ap_index which was my browser remembering the 301.

  3. It’s not just Chrome, nor just the google.com website. Had a similar problem with IE9 and with other websites (appends AP_Index). The problem is incorrect DNS resolution after switching the modem. Caching is used to speed up web browsing, but can be unreliable after switching modems. Potential causes: 1) Browser caching, 2) Wireless Router caching, 3) Modem caching and/or 4) TWC network router caching.

    First, hook directly to the modem to eliminate the wireless router. Then 1) Clear browser cache (uncheck Preserve favorites website data) and 2) Contact TWC reset your modem (if needed).

    Then connect via wireless and test. If necessary, Reset your wireless router to clear any caching (hold the power button down about 10 seconds or whatever your router calls for).

    One of those should work. Finally, don’t forget to clear the browser cache in your phone that connects via the wifi. Found that was a problem too.

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