Plex 2.0 on Samsung: Login results. Login timed out.

This is a bit of a specific error but one I ran in to that I thought I was going to lose my mind over. Note that I do not normally login or have a premium account. I don’t sync or share, I just stream to my local TV’s:

If you are running Plex and a Samsung TV and have the misfortune of upgrading your Plex app to 2.01, you will run in to the following issues after the upgrade:

  • Prompted to enter a PIN on
  • Will have to add your Plex server manually every time you start the app

As an added bonus, if you enter your PIN and/or try to have your server/TV logged in you might get the following Pop-up that after you acknowledge will come back after 5 seconds. “Login Timed Out”

I used this page as a basis to do some exploring on my own:

Not much help but what I did to fix this was the following:

  • Remove your TV from if you added the PIN
  • Log your Plex media server out of
  • On the TV under preferences -> Advanced uncheck the following
    • Use Plex Account to update Server List – This should fix having to enter your server each time you login
    • Send anonymous usage data to Plex – Just do it
    • Under System make sure “Sign in to your Plex Account’ is unchecked/dark

Exit the App and pop back in. Now you can add your server and go about your business…

Before this error when I tried to play by the rules by adding the PIN to my account I did have an error where the app would not start and had to uninstall, that was a mess but now that the app has been cleanly re-installed and haven taken the steps above the functionality has returned to normal.


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