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Silly Admin Trick: How to Access Salesforce “Platform Integration User” Profile

While trying to disable a record type I got the following message:

This Record type Record_Type_Name Cannot be deactivated because of the following profiles use this record type as default.

Upon clicking the profile "Platform Integration User" I get the "Insufficient Privileges", so sad.

Looking at the article linked below I put this URL together to access the profile record type page:


Where object name is WorkOrder or Opportunity or Customer_Object__c. Pretty straight forward and saved me a ton of time. Previous to this fixed I clicked in to the critical profiles and disabled the record type, too much clicking!

Here's the article: https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000hNDeAAM

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  1. Super helpful! This fixed my issue with deactivating an old record type.

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