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Silly Admin Trick: Quickly Add Custom Fields to Change Set

Adding Custom Fields to a Change Set can tedious. A quick way to add a bunch of fields to a Salesforce.com outbound change set is to create a report with those fields and save it, add the report to the change set, and then click the "View/Add Dependencies" and viola!~


ERROR: std::bad_alloc

If you are using CSVFIX and running UNIQUE against a large data set you have to remember that CSVFIX loads the entire file in to memory to do the processing. So if you get this...check and watch your environments memory. Mine only had 3gig...it could use a little more for parsing 3+ million rows.

ERROR: std::bad_alloc


Quick Tip: CSVFIX Skip First Line

Update Oct 2017 - For most csvfix commands the '-ifn' command will also skip the first line. I say most as I know that it does not work for "read_dsv" which is ok as long as you are not combining files in addition of converting to CSV. The below solution is also good if you're getting output that has an extended header. I have one source where the first 6 lines lists out how the report is created out of SAP.

Got headers that you don't want? Want to skip that first line and the 1.6 manual does not elude to how? Let me cut to the chase:

  • csvfix remove -if "$line == 1" input_file.csv > output_file.csv

This will skip the first line so that you can add your own headers.

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Quick Tip: View Headers in Office 2016 (that works on a Mac)

To view header info in Office 2016 from the email list, right click and click 'View Source' and this will allow you to see all the email info.

To view header info from the Web Client click in to the email and the drop down beside the 'Reply All' button in the top right there's a 'View Message Detail'

While helping our email admin troubleshoot why SFDC emails where hitting the Spam Folder I noticed that there wasn't accurate info on the internet as to how to view this in the new clients.

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Silly Admin Trick: Page Block Text Wrapping

PageBlock, PageBlockSection, and PageBlockTable are all the devil I know this. But I support a lot of legacy Visualforce pages and before we make the jump to the Lightning UI I am updating a lot of these pages and find that the text wraps in the 'PageBlock' Title attribute for no reason at all. So this is a quick tip that fixes:

<style type="text/css">

    .pbTitle {
        white-space: nowrap


iPhone will not power on

Yesterday my iphone 5s randomly decided to not power on. I tried many things including holding the power button, plugging it in, etc. You know, the usual stuff. I thought I had tried everything but one of the phone gurus in my department told me the trick to recovering: hold the home and power button together for 15-30 seconds and it will power on. Eureka! That sure worked out great. So fast forward to later that evening when I tell this to the wife and she in total GEICO commercial fashion tells me 'everyone knows that'. WHAAT? I unfortunately did not have a come back: 'well did you know that X blah blah blah was not Y but Z?'. Ultrageek fail...

Despicable Me 2

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3.0.8 Gallery is not supported on Windows

This might seems like a crazy error but if you upgrade your Gallery to 3.0.8 and get the following error:

Gallery is not supported on Windows (PHP reports that you're using: WINNT)

Nothing makes your heart stop quicker than seeing that error message but there is good news...there is a quick fix:

  • Look for index.php in the root of your Gallery
  • Open in your favorite text editor
  • Search and find "// Gallery is not supported on Windows."
  • Comment out that section of code like below:

You will not need to cycle the iisreset or cycling the website once you save the change, should just work.

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Word 2013 and Using Tab to Increase Indent

If for some reason your tab stops working as the default way you indent Bullet and Numbered lists, do the following to restore this functionality:

  • File --> Options --> Proofing
  • Select the "AutoCorrect Options" button
  • Select the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab
  • Click the "Set left- and firstindent with tabs and backspaces"
  • Step of the ledge and come back inside for punch and pie.
Bugs like this drive me nuts. Had this working fine with Word 2010, upgraded to Word 2013, and then this magically gets unset. Finding the answer was harder than it should have been as I found several Microsoft articles pointing to this behavior in Word 97 (wtwt?). Finally found this page/thread which has exactly how to fix this: Tab key in Microsoft Word does not increase indent in bullet lists
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Interaction Log Hidden.

While working with my company to implement the "Service Cloud Console", which btw is not the same as the old school "Console" app...much cooler, we came across a funny little bug. While  trying to set the case to open as a subtab of the related account, the Interaction Log was not opening up. No matter how many times we checked the box under the case page layout, the Interaction Log WOULD NOT SHOW! Making the case the primary tab everything worked great but our process is that we first open up the Account or Contact before digging on the Asset or Case and need the Interaction Log. Google was no good so we opened a case with Salesforce.com but they were just as clueless as we were even after showing them. So now for the secret sauce:

In order for Salesforce.com to pop the Interaction Log, the primacy object has to have the "Interaction Log" enabled under the "Layout Properties" button in the page layout. This will drive the behavior people expect...the Interaction Log being present regardless of the object. We enabled it under Account, Contact, Case, and Asset to cover all bases. So the moral of the story is enable the Interaction Log on all objects you expect to see it in and also make sure to enable it for each record/page layout type. Seems straight forward right? Sometimes the most obvious answers eludes the brightest folks, live and learn.

Tip: When editing multiple page layouts, use the "Quick Save" to save and then move to the next.



Over the weekend I attempted to upgrade my Time Warner Cable (TWC) modem to something a little more fancy, it failed miserably. After talking with 2 levels of tech support and wasting an hour of my life that I'll never get back on the phone we reverted back to the original modem and as a gift for trying something new I had to re-acknowledge the terms and conditions of the service due to switching modem hardware around. This gift also came with a cool new feature such that when I navigated to google.com it tried to append "AP_INDEX" at the end of the address which of course doesn't exist. It would do this for any website but the one I tried was google.com so that was the one site that afterwards still thought I was brand new, even when I'm at work! If you accessed google.com from a cached address it would bring up the site pretty as you please, just not www.google.com. So what is the fix? Clearing your browser cache of course.

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