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Fixing Salesforce.com Developer Console Jerking Back Up or Snapping Back

A strange issue I have had with Salesforce.com Developer Console on Chrome for a couple of (don't laugh) a couple of months is that as I scroll down the page will jerk back up to the previous page. In scanning altslash.org I saw this headline:

Chrome Now Uses Scroll Anchoring To Prevent Those Annoying Page Jumps

Ok, so fast forward through the usual blah blah blah. I disabled this in chrome (chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoring) and either this issue got fixed or this setting fixed the issue I was having with the page jerking back or snapping back anytime I scrolled rapidly down the an apex class. Console is basically a streaming app that is constantly updating and listening for changes so it doesn't surprise me that it was impacted by this but what was so frustrating was that I just could not find anything on the Internets to point me in the direction of how to fix or even identify the problem until just now. Happy Days!

The work around in case someone has this issue is to not scroll with your mouse in the middle of the page but instead to position your mouse on right where the scroll bars are and the system will allow you to scroll with out snapping back to the previous page.