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Network Solutions – Nothing ever Changes

Back in 2015 I moved all my domains over to Google mainly because for 12$ a year they'll maintain my domain registration, run my DNS, and give me free email ala gmail and at the time I was still hosting my own email, DNS, and web and the email maintenance was just too much specially the never ending spam battle. I wrote back the experience in this post: Transferring Domains - Godaddy vs. Network Solutions.

Well recently Network Solution had a security breach so I logged in to see if I had any domains left which I did, an administrative domain that I kept in case the transfers to Google went sideways for some reason. Long story short I kicked off the transfer and sure enough...the same experience I reported back in 2015 is still the case. The same 4 screens and 3 day waiting period. Sometimes posts do not age well, this one sadly is becoming a timeless classic.

BTW quick update - I also had a couple domains still at Godaddy and they were still super easy to move over. Godaddy sends your code to you immediately and Google still makes it SUPER transfer domains over.