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Silly Admin Trick: Removing Carriage Returns from Long Text Fields

Recently had a project to use Jitterbit to query and pull data out of Salesforce.com in to a CSV file to import in to another system. All great and fine except long text fields with carriage returns were wrecking the CSV. This simple fix was all that was needed:


Got it right off the support site linked below. Just changed up the field with the field I was using and re-ran, success!



Silly Admin Trick: Date Formats without adding Zula Time

Microsoft Excel...it loves to format dates in a crazy way. By default it will do day dash 3 digit month name and 2 digit year like this: 13-Sep-2016. Not helpful. In the U.S. your first instinct would be to change it to 2-digit day dash 2-digit month dash 2 or 4-digit year: 10/13/2016. Salesforce.com does not like either date. Googling 'Date: invalid date' might lead you down the path of adding time to your date...don't do it! Even for Date/Time fields if you don't have a specific time already do the following...

Solution: Take your dates and do a custom format using the following: yyyy-mm-dd