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Silly Admin Trick: Finding Active ‘Frozen’ Users in Salesforce.com

One gap with freezing users in Salesforce.com is the ability to go back and find those users. Google is your friend for finding the answer. There's even an article from Salesforce: How can I tell what Users are Frozen via the API?

The below is my take on it. Use workbench/bulk/csv to create an exportable list that you can action.


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Find the API Name from the Field Label

I recently had a use case where I was going to take a drop down value and use that to pull a value from a separate lookup object. I would have "Hourly" and my logic would return "Hourly__c" which I could then use dynamic SOQL and sObjects to do some magic. I did not want to use hardcoded values or a custom setting lookup table and I thought it would be easy to query the metadata...which turned out to be strangely harder than I thought it would be so here is a working solution:

There are a lot of examples of getting the Label from the API name but not really the other way around.