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Flipping and Rotating Videos in Handbrake

Using the plus key on the iPhone to take pictures and video's is handy but what I didn't know was that it matters which way the keys face. For pictures, flipping is easy. But for video's you need a tool. Windows Movie Maker is a cheap solution but for those die hard HandBrake users flipping video's is not so easy. The GUI doesn't have an obvious option but a little google research shows that by adding "-7 --rotate <3>" in the "Extra Options" window in the Video Tab does the trick, at least for 180.

Here is the URL I used which has several solution of which the one above seemed to work best for the latest version of Handbrake:


Here's the screenshot:


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  1. I used HandBrake to convert a video from a .mov file to an .mp4. It flipped my video so the picture is now upside down. Is there a way to flip it back or change the setting and upload it again?

  2. I added a screenshot on how to get Handbrake to flip your video, take a look and try re-encoding your video. That should flip it.

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